Clear Ray

Jacuzzi® launches CLEARRAY™ innovation

For consumers, one of the main barriers to purchasing a new hot tub is the concern over the level of maintenance and water-care that owning a hot tub may involve.

Potential customers can view this as a hassle, therefore reducing the satisfaction of ownership. Jacuzzi® has launched CLEARRAY™ as a standard feature on all 2012 hot tub models in a bid to reduce this perception.

CLEARRAY™ is an innovative water purification system that:

  • Is a reliable solution that is easier to manage than most traditional systems
  • Produces clear, easy-to-see results
  • Saves money and time (by reducing the amount of sanitizer needed)
  • Offers less skin/eye irritation from reduced chemical use
  • Reduces maintenance time
  • Requires minimal effort

The new innovation works using UV-C technology.

CLEARRAY™ is plumbed inline, just after the hot tub heater. Water flows into the stainless steel tank and is exposed to optimum UV-C rays, treating 99.9% of waterborne bacteria and viruses.

Using UV technology enhances water purification significantly with sanitizing beginning in seconds. The entire tub is disinfected remarkably faster than traditional systems.

All 2012 Jacuzzi hot tubs integrate UV-C technology into their filtration system and there are no by-products or harmful odours released from a bulb. The eco-friendly system can reduce chemical consumption by 52% when compared to some traditional ozone systems..