Forno Ovens

Forno Ovens

Mama Mia! real pizzeria pizza in your own home! These high quality ovens will be the center of attention at your next backyard get together. Crafted of the finest materials in Italy, this is the real thing! Forno ovens are versatile and economical too. You can bake, roast and grill almost anything. Pizza is ready in just 5 minutes! Different sizes and colors are available. Please enquire.





Within five minutes you are cooking!


Is it true that the forninox are mobile ovens?
These ovens has been designed to be moved easily. In fact, some of them sets on wheels to move easily. They are very strong and designed to be used often.

How the Forninox steel ovens can keep the heating temperature during all the cooking time?
The dome shape and the insulation allow that the oven store the heating that will be released during the cooking time.

Can I cook the bread with the Forninox steel ovens?
Even with the Forninox steel ovens it is possible cooking the bread. Instead of taking away all the embers as you would do with a traditional oven with a refractory dome, you can leave small quantities of embers almost switched off at the oven sides and leave the door a little bit opened.

Why choosing the steel material? Is it possible cleaning it externally?
The steel is the most used material in the kitchens, and for this reason we decided to use it in our ovens. It is hygienic, strong and easy to clean.

How do I clean the oven after its use?
The oven is very easy to clean thanks to the stainless steel. To clean it use a humid cloth and few easy moving. We advice to clean it regularly in order to keep it as new.

How many years can the Forninox steel oven last?
The Forninox steel ovens, if used with care, can last more than 10 years.

During the cold and winter season, should I have to cover the oven and keep it protect?
The oven could lose shining  because of  the rain and the weather conditions. It is advised to put aside the oven under a porch or a veranda if it is possible. A bright solution could be connecting it to a chimney to continue the party in winter too.

How can I light up the Forninox?
Lighting up the oven is very easy. You just have to use small timbers and then add medium-sized wood.